The past, The future, Now.

Generation 1

In the first generation are 121 primal, divided into 11 characters, 11 tags from M0 to M10 and 4 existential states: Primordial, Primitive,Cardinal, Elemental.

Each primal contains in its data unit a dose of metaprimal energy that aims to help the development and evolution of the human species.

The rarest are Primordial and the most common are Elemental. Between them are Primitive and Cardinal. Each primal comes with a set of special traits, made to augment it’s properties. Every property has it’s own utility, and combined with another one they generate complex creations that extend the Primal Ecosystem.

While the primals tagged M1  M3  M6 activate Primal Expansion Lab. , the primals tagged M0  M2  M4  M5  M7  M8  M9  M10 activate a branch of the Lab. where Primal Artifacts are created.

Generation II

Primal Expansion Lab. introduces the second generation of PRIMAL NFTs.
imited edition artworks dedicated to Primal Collectors.
Primal Expansion Lab. is activated by this system when a collector owns 3 primals that have Double Existential State  which are the primals tagged with M1  M3  M6
Collectors who own NFTs created through Primal Expansion Lab. will get various benefit, as early access to future collections and exclusive digital/physical assets.

Primal Artifacts

Primal Artifacts can be activated by the collector who owns 3 primals tagged M0  M2  M4  M5  M7  M8  M9  M10


Holders of Primal Artifact will benefit from early access to future collections and exclusive digital/physical assets. 

There are 88 NFTs that can generate Primal Artifacts.
Each primal can generate a Primal Artefact only once. 
The collector can name the NFT.

Collectors can claim their unlockable content as soon as they have the NFT witht this trait in their wallet.

What is unlockable content?

Unlockable content is the artwork of your NFT, preapared in a file ready to be printed. The file contains the image of the primal created in the Lab. and all the information about it. The standard size is 50×70 cm but it can be customized if necessary.

Primal Ecosystem

PRIMAL aims to transcend itself and create an entire ecosystem. 


  • Genesis Q4 2021

    - Conceptualization and design

    - Develop community, complete successful project launch and build strong foundation

  • Current Status: INCEPTION Q1 2022

    - Develop community and build strong foundation
    - Drop PRIMAL - the first phase - 121 primals PFP

    - 50% sold - 3 rare NFTs airdrops to collectors

  • DEEPNING Q1 2022

    - 100% sold - Primal Expansion Lab. & Primal Artifacts activation

    - Unlock extra content for holders

    - Collaboration with other artist

    - Website update

  • EXPANSION Q2 2022

    - Drop PRIMAL Metamorphosis (date TBA)- Developing the integration in Metaverse

    - Collaboration with other artist

    - Digital/Physical Events

    - First Exhibition in PRIMAL Gallery

  • TO GIVE BACK Q3 2022

    - Primal Vault activation - SOL raffles for collectors - a part of the investment will return to them

    - Primal Seed activation - a part of the profit will be invested in new ambitious projects that need support. (More info will be announced in Q2 2022)

    - Donations to charity proposed by the community

    - Investments in educational projects

    - Commuity NFT giveaway

    - Periodicaly NFT airdrops for collectors

  • To be continued Q4 2022 - ∞

    Roadmap in making


PRIMAL waas conceptualized and created by the multidisciplinary artist Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor. Each primal was designed by the artist by combining VR technology and 3D modeling software.

– gives the collector eligibility for Primal Vault

– provides priority access to future PRIMAL NFT collections

– offers the right to vote in the future PRIMAL Dao.

– offers priority access to future collections of physical works made by the artist


The first supply is 121 primals, but PRIMAL will launch various limited collections of nfts into Solana blockchain.

The content and number of the second supply will be announced when the first drop is 100% sold 

Will be announced soon!

For the first drop royalties will be 10%.

– 30%, All royalties fee goes to Primal Vault, 70% for project development.

The first nft drop of PRIMAL can be purchased on Solanart, Magic Eden and Solsea

First you need to set-up your wallet. On PRIMAL Discord you can find a channel called #how-to, where you cand find a tutorial about how to create a wallet. Even so, please do your own research.

In Q2 2022 PRIMAL will implement the marketplace direct on the website.

Primal Expansion Lab is the engine that runs the utility of the nft in this collection.

Each system is explained on the website. You must meet the requirements of the systems that activate it.

Then go to the website, click the Activate Primal Expansion Lab. button and follow the instructions.

PRIMAL has open doors for all those who want to collaborate or participate in any way in the development of this project.

If you have any suggestions, you can write to us on the Discord server or contact us on Twitter

PRIMAL Collabs

DoinGud - Origins Exhibition x PRIMAL

NFTs supporting social causes

Cryptofooders x PRIMAL

Season 1 1/1


XBoy X-16 Primal Edition..



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Community Manager


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