Hi! I'm oTTo from oTToland, your companion in Web 3.0 and beyound.

I come from the past,
I come from the future,
I am here now.

Supply: 20.000 | Price: Free | License Type: CC0 | Blockchain: Ethereum

What is oTTo?

oTTo is a genesis collection of 20,000 generative NFTs. The collection of 3D artworks was created by the artist Ovidiu Bojor, the founder of Primal Lab together with OPEN3.

Designed to be your companion in Web3, oTTo represents the duality of human nature. Starting from this concept, the collection has two sides, oTTo Sakada and oTTo Kisoto and is divided into two equal parts of 10k each. Among them are six 1/1 oTTo, representing balance between the two sides.

oTTo is here to build, to create, to innovate and aims to give you access to unique and original art-driven projects.

Work in progress

oTToland is the place where oTTo was born before reaching the blockchain. oTToland will be revealed through oTToparcels and each oTTo corresponds to one or more parcels. oTToland is in the process of transitioning to blockchain and will bring many surprises with it.

Phygital exploration

oTTo has limitless possibilities and aims to transcend the digital world being materialized into an asset with real-life utility, as assembly toy and more.

To be continued...